7 Mistakes That Can Get You Expelled from University


Can you get expelled from college? The question is quite intriguing. We all know that rules exist for young people mostly to break them. That is why more than 100 thousands of elementary and secondary school students in America are expelled yearly. The situation in colleges and universities is almost the same: you face the risk to be dropped out more often than you think, especially if you are inclined to neglect the rules of your educational establishment.

To avoid such sad consequences, you should finally know the mistakes which can lead to them. There is a variety of ways to get an expulsion according to the rules of each university, but let’s consider the most common of them:

1. Outrageous Behavior

It’s a bad form to speak rudely to the professor or other university staff. Even if you’re on a bad streak, don’t take out your anger in the audience. The rules in university were established not for fun, after all. Such a behavior is a disregard for your classmates and a lecturer, so you can be punished for it.

Communication with school or university friends also matters. Students who allow themselves to intimidate or insult other people will be suspended or expelled depending on the moral damage severity. Once got into a tense situation, just keep it together until people who offend you calm down.

2. Absenteeism

This reason is the most popular why students are not becoming graduates and face university expulsion eventually. The causes of absenteeism are different, though, here are the main:

Lack of interest and motivation for studying

Students often are obliged to study disciplines they don’t like. It is typical not only for schools where pupils don’t choose the subjects but also for colleges as well as universities. Applicants are mastering the areas of expertise that their parents have recommended to them or are consistent with the social norms. Therefore, your choice should depend only on your fancies and priorities, not friend’s or mom’s opinion.

If someone feels that their academic motivation is low and they have no desire to work hard and write another college paper, they should ask themselves what they need right now. Most students feel that fatigue when they see nothing but college assignments. If this is your case, turn to an essay writing company, get professional help quickly, and have some time for yourself. Do not forget about your personal life, even if you are a college student with many duties!

Missing school: As absenteeism drops, reasons for skipping increase

Stress and fear to attend classes

Young people, especially in schools, encounter mockery and abuse because of their unusual personality or appearance (we are all unique, so it can be anyone). How to behave around your bullies? Be confident, don’t pay attention to ruses and they’ll leave you alone.

Poor teaching skills

Professors are not always good at teaching. If you are dissatisfied with their methods, it is better to change teacher or college instead of nicking off.

Excess homework

This thing is barely changeable. But if you really want to get a diploma, get over it and work for the result. When there is no way to cope with all these essays and term papers on time, you can refer to a custom writing service. Experienced writers will do an assignment for you.

3. Low School Performance

Be careful with your grades: bad ones are able to endanger your education. Sometimes studying can seem quite hard, so it is not a shame to ask third-parties like your mates or special companies for help. Some universities give a student a second chance to correct marks within a determined period of time before expulsion.

4. Plagiarism, Cheating or Providing Wrong Information

Any university rules prohibit plagiarism in the academic papers. It is unacceptable to download essays from the web and deliver them to professors. You will get a poor grade at its best, but at the worst, you can be excluded. The same goes for cheating on exams: you are not allowed to use any other sources of information besides your own knowledge.

People with strong writing skills get paid more

Before deceiving your professor, think about what you are doing here. The degree which you will obtain is nothing if your head is empty. The knowledge and skills in your area of expertise are the most substantial factors when applying for a job, so better gain some experience before graduation. Even though, you can’t pull things off, buy a paper sample to use it as an example to craft your own writing assignment. This will reduce the time for completing the project.

5. Carrying Weapons, Drugs or the Other Prohibited Items

17% of people aged 16-17 and 23% aged 18-20 are used to take drugs during last month, according to National Institute on Drug Abuse research. These gloomy statistics showing that drug dealing may be a common thing among the quarter of all students. Thus, it is very likely someone offers you a prohibited stuff in a while. Don’t agree on such proposition within the university. And, of course, do not bring weapons to your place of studying. It would be lovely for a student not to have this stuff at all.

6. Criminal Activity

This is not only probable cause of expulsion but a sort of greatest mistake of your life. In fact, drop out is the best thing which can happen to you after such a deal. That’s not a crack about your tendency to do something illegal, but each student can accidentally get into a trouble. To prevent this do not mess with unsavory fellows, they can frame you and other people to avoid the punishment. Even if it’s not, you might be responsible as an accessory.

7. Lack of Communication Skills

18% of dropouts note a trouble connecting between them and other undergraduates or teachers. Well, that’s not surprising. When you know how to negotiate you can solve almost all the above-mentioned issues. A good communicator can ask for a postponement of a deadline, retaking an exam or even persuade the professor to give them a passing grade. Such a person is also good at resolving conflicts and usually gets on well with university pals.

The 5 Steps To Communication Success

Everyone has a right to a mistake and expulsion is not a life sentence. Besides, a degree is not a crucial key to success. The greatest people like Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates abandoned their studies in universities and dedicated their lives to other purposes. If you have a dream and your schooling only prevents things from being done, safely leave and embrace your own path without waiting for being expelled.


How to get expelled from college? 

We can’t provide you with guidance on how to get expelled from college. If you find yourself stuck in a difficult situation in college, we strongly recommend you look for support and guidance from people you can trust, such as your fellow students, instructors, advisors, counselors, and so on.  

What can get you kicked out of college? 

The issues that may get you kicked out from your alma mater include violating the college’s code of conduct, being engaged in severe academic misconduct, or being related to some illegal activities on campus or off campus. The actions we mentioned before may include cheating, harassment, plagiarism, substance abuse, criminal behavior, and some others.

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