On ordering

How do I submit my first order?
If you are new to our service, first of all, press the “Urgent order” button and fill in the email field. After that, you will be redirected to your newly created personal account, where you can place an order. For that, you need to fill in the extended questionnaire. In it, you can also provide more details on your paper, upload additional information, etc. If you have no preferences on a writer, press the “Save & publish for writers” button to make your order available for bids.
How do I communicate with my writer?
After being assigned a writer, you will be able to contact him or her via live chat, where you can explain the requirements on formatting, style, and the content of your paper.
I forgot my password; what can I do?
On the login page, you will have a Forgot password link located below the “Login” button. It will redirect you to a field requesting your email. Fill it in, and you will get a link reactivating your account.
What does “List as featured” mean?
It is an additional paid option ($4.95) that will heighten the rank of your order so our writers will see your assignment first when they log into the platform. This option helps you find a better writer quicker.
What if nobody puts a bid on my order?
That is unlikely. As a rule, dozens of writers apply for your assignment within the first 3 minutes. The order is available for bidding for 5 days, and it will be automatically canceled if you don’t assign a writer for your paper during these days.
What if I still have questions?
You can write to us via the support section on your account, or submit your inquiry to our email support@fastessay.com. We are prompt in answering your questions, but if you have issues concerning a particular order, you should direct them to your writer using live chat in your personal account.

On order completion

How do I get my completed work?
Your paper is split into several parts, from 2 to 5, and you approve them one by one, paying accordingly. When you pay for the last part, you get the whole paper in a doc or pdf format, ready for downloading.
How do I get parts of my work?
First of all, make sure that the parts of your paper correspond to your requirements. We also recommend you to use the plagiarism checker. It is installed in the editor you will get your preview in. When you are fully satisfied with the part, pay for it by pressing the “Release” button.
What is the difference between editing and rewriting services?
When you order editing, you get a proofreading or formatting of the paper. With this option, you get up to 30% of your paper rewritten. When you order rewriting, up to 70% of your assignment will be changed in addition to the proofreading of your grammar and formatting.

On our writers

How do you hire your writers?
We hire writers from all over the world, so we have both native speakers and writers with advanced English. During the hiring process, we evaluate the grammar and style of writers-to-be. Before our cooperation starts, we provide them with guidelines on formatting and style. Afterward, we give supervision to newcomers to be sure they correspond to the high standards of our academic writing service.
How do you evaluate your writers?
We have a crew whose main responsibilities are the evaluation of our writers and the maintenance of the high quality of our papers. When giving rewards, we pay attention to the number of papers composed by a writer, the clients’ feedback, the ability to respect the deadlines, etc. The rate you give to your writer when the assignment is finished is the most important criteria for us.
I want to know more about my writer. Where can I find this relevant information?
Our writers value their confidentiality as you do, so we don’t put their personal information on the site. If you are interested in a particular writer, or if a writer has put a bid on your assignment, you can start a dialog and ask anything you need. Though, remember that private questions are against our confidentiality policy. In live chat, you are able to communicate in a closer manner, exchanging ideas, drafts, and additional materials.
What does a “writer’s warning” mean?
It means there was a situation when a writer has shown signs of lateness, plagiarism, or improper communication with clients. We give this warning as a chance to a writer to show the higher service level and improve his or her work. Otherwise, such a writer leaves our team.
Writers have different bids. Why?
Every writer evaluates a new order in a different way. For some of them, a physics research paper is easy, and so the price won’t be too high, even though the assignment might seem difficult for other specialists. Sometimes a writer understands that the assignment will take a lot of time and effort, and so he/she puts an appropriate bid to be motivated to work on that paper.
What does the “Writer of the month” mean?
It is our special way to appreciate our writers. Every month, our choice of the best writer is based on one of the main KPIs: clients’ feedback, on-time delivery, the number of papers written, and the percentage of returning customers. Our special rewards should also help you in choosing the best writer when other criteria are equal.

On payment

When is the first time I should put money on my account?
That is during the third step of the new order placement. When you look through a writer’s details, you can either reject the bid or assign the specialist to your paper. When you assign a writer, you are suggested to “Reserve money and start writing process." By pressing this button, you will get redirected to the PayPal payment page. Thereafter, when approving each part of your assignment, you will have to pay in installments by releasing money from your account to the writer.
How do I pay for my paper?
We automatically split your assignment into parts, from 2 to 5, and we recommend you to pay accordingly for each completed piece of your paper. Please, make sure you are completely satisfied with each part, as after paying you will not be able to request any changes. When you are satisfied with a completed section, press the “Release” button to pay your writer.
I don’t like my paper, and I don’t want to pay for it.
Sorry to say, but you’ve already paid. With our service, you have plenty of possibilities not to find yourself in the situation when the deadline is close and you are not satisfied with the paper obtained. You approve each part in the process of writing and we recommend you to ask your writer to make necessary corrections when the order is still in progress.
Are there any discounts?
No, we don’t have them. We position ourselves as mediators on a freelance platform, and that means we are not able to affect prices, and we can’t give discounts. We provide students in need with highly qualified professional academic writers. But it is a writer who puts a bid for your order, and it is up to you which writer to choose.
If I decide to cancel my order, can I have my money back?
Yes, you can. First of all, remember that you put money into your account only after assigning a writer, and before that everything you do on our site is free of charge. Thus, before approving the first part of your assignment, you can cancel your order. After that, you can delete your order any time, until you proceed to the last part of your paper. Remember, though, that once you paid your writer after any part was approved, your released money is not refundable anymore.
Can I charge my money back from my account?
Yes, you can. When you decide to get your money back, the sum is withdrawn from your account. If you charge back more than you have on your balance, all your orders are automatically canceled.

On authenticity and confidentiality

Do you guarantee me confidentiality?
Yes. Our privacy policy is strictly regulated by the new GDPR rules, which are very accurate about storing data. Also pay attention that we need only your email from you—that’s it. Other information is optional, and you give it to us only if you want to. Read our Confidentiality Policy to find out more.
How can I be sure there is no plagiarism in my paper?
There are several tools we use to guarantee our papers will not be accused of plagiarism. First of all, we constantly check our writers for high morality and evaluate the quality of their work. Our writers understand that if they are accused of plagiarism, they will get a warning and can be fired. Nevertheless, we give you full control over your order and the writer assigned, so check all parts of your paper with our plagiarism-detection software before releasing the payment.
Can I submit an order without providing you with my personal data?
We will need your email to create an account. That’s it. Other questions will only concern your order. Our service is perfect for those who don’t want to leave traces on the Internet.

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