Useful Examples of Narrative Essay Topics


Narrative essays are used to tell stories. The articles are generally about personal experiences and should have a clear point engaging the audience. Although it is possible to convey a complex idea with just one still image, narrative essays can also tell an exciting story, giving your audience a vivid picture on the topic, especially if you succeed in choosing the winning narrative essays topics. In order to write the best narrative, replicate on what you know best. When looking for items to write on, stick to what you are comfortable with and subject matters that you are familiar with. Topics that are relate to your experience will allow you to write a convincing story that is more enjoyable.

Of course, some students may lack experience in such writing, and this can cause them some issues during the process. These issues can frustrate you and become real demotivators in your academic life. If you feel that the struggle takes too much time and effort, you can always get professional help from a reputable writing service and find an experienced narrative essay writer to help you quickly do your paper with ease.

The Essentials of Writing an Excellent Narrative Essay

In general, essays are non-creative writings while a narrative essay is an account of events that are mostly drawn from an author’s life. The difference between a personal and a narrative essay is that a personal essay reflects on essential points and deeper facts while a narrative essay remains realistic and clear from being incredibly thoughtful.

Narrative essays serve a wide range of purposes, and the ones who are most successful share three necessary character traits which are:

  • Making an essential point.
  • Have precise details in support of the point.
  • Are clearly organized in time.

When writing a narrative, it should contain a touching appeal. So before you dive into the process of choosing the most hooking topics for narrative essays, keep in mind that the narrative might be humorous or even serious, but it should be written in a way that allows your audience to connect with your story. Maybe your audience had a similar experience with the triumph or challenges that you encountered.

Topics of Narrative Essays

Topic Ideas on Narrative Essay Writing

A narration describes a sequence of events. This brings the question which incident should you write about? What narrative essay topics will grab your target audience’s attention in the most effective manner? When a narrative essay is done, it looks easy to write but choosing the topic to write on is the hardest part.

What you are searching for is a particular event that you can recount in an essay that is well developed and organized. If you don’t feel like having any ideas for narrative essays in your mind at the moment, here are some ideas on great topics to write on.

  • The First Day You Went to School or the Most Exciting Day You Ever Had in School
  • A Field Trip that Your Class Has Ever Taken
  • Your Favorite Summer Vacations
  • The Day You First Got a Pet
  • Your Favorite Birthday or a Birthday that Was Unsatisfactory
  • The Day the Power Went Out
  • An Injury You Got
  • An Arbitrary Act of Kindness
  • Something that Was Embarrassing that Ever Happened to You
  • A Memorable Funeral or a Wedding
  • A Time You Went Against Your Parents’ Wishes
  • When You Got Scared due to a Significant Storm
  • A Strange Encounter with a Stranger Who Turned Out to Be Your Friend
  • A Circumstance that Led to the Falling Apart of a Friendship
  • A Favorite or an Unforgettable Experience with a Family Member

So, now you’ve got some of the most popular examples of narrative essay topics.
There so many topics to write on when it comes to narrative essays, but they depend on the experiences you have had. The essay is primarily about your personal experience, and it should have clear points that engage your readers. If you choose the narrative essay topic ideas that have nothing to do with your personality or unique experiences in the past, chances are you won’t be able to fully disclose the topic and get the desired grades.

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