200+ Essay Topics to Write with Pleasure and Impress Your Tutors

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When it comes to the selection of good essay topics, students often feel desperate and lost. This process is hard not only because it is rather time-consuming. A student has to read many sources on the subject to find something intriguing and worth discussing. Professional writers have investigated many sources because of two reasons. First, it is their job. Second, they want to keep in touch with the latest discoveries and innovations to be ready to perform even super-difficult tasks before the deadline.

Below, professional writers introduce a list of 200+ various topics for different essay types. Each essay has its peculiarities and requirements. So, before you choose a topic, you should better read your assignment carefully to make sure that you move in the right direction.

Easy Essay Topic Ideas for Beginners

If you are a schoolchild, you will definitely need something easy to sharpen your writing skills. This list of simple essay topics will come in handy.

  1. My first excursion with a class
  2. My favorite book
  3. An expensive hobby that I would like to have if I had enough money
  4. People who I love with all my heart
  5. The game that unites people
  6. The unique holiday in my country (family)
  7. The best summer holidays
  8. Pros and cons of the Internet
  9. The coolest household appliances
  10. Pitfalls of the World of Tanks
  11. Why is education essential for women?
  12. Healthy eating habits I follow
  13. The greatest personality in the History of the US
  14. Traits of character that a teacher should possess today

Stellar Topics for Essay Writing

If you are a school leaver or a college student, your tutors will expect something more from you. The sample topics below will help you understand what kind of problems or arguments are interesting to read about today.

  1. Things I will never do even for $1000.000
  2. How should a perfect woman and an ideal man look?
  3. What is the most optimal period for parental leave?
  4. What traits of character should a person possess to become a successful businessperson?
  5. Why do children suffer from nightmares more often than adults?
  6. Is there any smart alternative to sedatives and antidepressants to prevent such a frequent dependence?
  7. What measures should the government take to reduce the number of substance-abused people worldwide?
  8. What lets a movie or a cartoon guarantee sustainable cash collections?
  9. Pros and cons of living in a multi-child family?
  10. Is there any guide that helps parents bring up an obedient teenager?
  11. How has Covid-19 changed my life?
  12. Does beauty pageant among children negatively affect their self-esteem and life in general?
  13. Why do slim bodies remain trendy for so many centuries?
  14. Who should become the next president of the USA?

Argumentative Topics to Consider in Essay Writing

Argumentative writing is significant because students learn how to analyze literature and express their opinion in their papers convincingly. They must research different viewpoints but select their positions and evidence them in essays that can deal with such topics as:

  1. Are “black” people protected better than “white” today?
  2. Should all people have equal salaries?
  3. Has Conchita Wurst won only because of being an LGBT representative?
  4. Does History teach us to believe in stereotypes and repeat mistakes?
  5. Does homework help or kill the desire to study and become successful?
  6. Why don’t Americans select women candidates in the presidential election?
  7. Should first aid be free for everyone?
  8. Are learning applications effective teaching tools?
  9. Should all people donate their organs after accidental death?
  10. Is it a good decision to make higher education free?
  11. Should nicotine be regarded as an illegal substance?
  12. Does fiction hurt the children’s fragile trust?
  13. Is 18 the best age to let kids get registered on social accounts?
  14. Is it smart not to take antibiotics when having Covid-19?

Persuasive Writing Topics for Your Best Essay

If you want to convince somebody that your position is the right one, you should select the most striking words and facts. Sometimes, writers play with the reader. They choose a topic and refute it in their introduction to sound impressive. You can try to do the same with the topics below.

  1. Parents overload their children with after-school activities
  2. The best athlete in the world to follow
  3. Bad guys are more attractive and passionate than good ones
  4. It is funnier to watch movies in the cinema than at home
  5. The best superpower that a person can have
  6. Internal life is a burden
  7. Pizza is not harmful to kids and adults
  8. It is not healthy to keep to intermittent fasting
  9. Technology hurts students at school by killing their real learning abilities
  10. The hardest job in the world
  11. Exotic pets cannot be completely domesticated
  12. A college committee must always be objective
  13. The land was created for agriculture but not for pavement and buildings
  14. All animals were born to be free

Narrative Writing Topics for Top Essays

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to read a good story? What about creating a decent story? Narrative writing is a story that resembles fairy tales and novels. The following ideas might help you concentrate and choose the best one for your narration.

  1. The episode of my life I will never forget
  2. Alcoholism cannot be treated
  3. The worst day of my life
  4. The best moment in my life
  5. The first time I broke the law
  6. The funniest event I have ever witnessed
  7. The most memorable lesson
  8. If you could fly, where would you go?
  9. If you were a writer, what would you write about?
  10. What turns a man into a decent groom?
  11. How to survive while your girlfriend is shopping?
  12. What would you do if you had $1000.000?
  13. My first virtual date
  14. The story that I will never forget

Comparison and Contrast Topics for School Essays

Tea or coffee? Comparative writing requires evidence to show how two objects differ and what similarities they have.

  1. The life of people who save each penny vs. the life of people who live day-to-day
  2. Freelancing vs. scheduled job
  3. Virtual reality lab tests vs. real laboratory experiments
  4. Tik Tok vs. YouTube
  5. Bee-venom therapy vs. herbal treatment of Lyde disease
  6. Permanent make-up vs. temporary cosmetics
  7. Male vs. female professions in 2022
  8. The reaction to Covid in people with natural immunity vs. in vaccinated patients
  9. European vs. Asian approach to flu treatment
  10. The role of the emperor of Japan vs. the Queen of England in governmental decisions
  11. Twitter chatting vs. Facebook calls
  12. Catholic Christmas vs. Christian Christmas
  13. Online lesson rules vs. real lesson etiquette
  14. MacBook vs. a tablet

Pro Essay Writing Topics in English

If you master English grammar and writing styles, you need good education essay topics that might sound hooky to your audience.

  1. How do I vary duties to kill the routine?
  2. Why has English become such a trendy language worldwide?
  3. How does fashion kill the uniqueness of a person?
  4. Is it OK for a boy to play with Barbie?
  5. Is it a good idea to start a day with pancakes?
  6. What will happen to your body if you replace water with juices, tea, coffee, and other drinks?
  7. How will my life change if I refuse to use social media?
  8. Is there any language that can rival the popularity of English?
  9. What makes pizza so desired and addictive for us?
  10. Why is it so hard to comprehend Mathematics?
  11. What books should be excluded from your school curriculum?
  12. Is it a good idea to replace printed books with e-books in all areas of life?
  13. Should a tattoo saloon demand a parent’s permit from a client who is less than 18?
  14. Unique characters in English literature that one can hardly find in books of non-British authors

Descriptive Writing Topics to Enjoy Essay Creation

The best way to make sure that your descriptive essay is good is to read it and ask yourself a question, “Did I manage to touch, smell, see, hear, or taste the described object?” If you answer ‘yes’, then everything is great.

  1. My first impressions of online education
  2. My earliest childhood memory
  3. The place in my town I will surely recommend visiting all tourists
  4. The best college to study in
  5. The most handsome man I have ever seen
  6. The best song of all times
  7. The movie I will never refuse to watch again
  8. My pet is my best friend
  9. People who I miss and will never forget
  10. The person whose life inspired me to change mine
  11. The worst nightmare in my life
  12. The birthday I will never forget
  13. The thing I will never forgive

Informative Writing Topics for Your Essay

Students need one paragraph writing topics to inform about something briefly and concisely.

  1. The problem of poverty in my country
  2. Top skills to possess to get a privileged position at a job
  3. Top professions to master in 2022
  4. Negative effects of products with a high glycemic index on toddlers
  5. The effect of violent video games on the behavior of schoolchildren
  6. How has technology changed the requirements for employees over the last decade?
  7. The origin of paralympic games
  8. The most popular social public among students in 2022
  9. Early marriage in third-world countries
  10.  Specially designated areas for a pet’s defecation
  11. Signs of a true friend
  12. A secret of strong business relationships
  13. How does automatic transmission in cars work?

Process Writing Topics for Great Research Papers

If your task is to write instructions or a step-by-step process, this list of ideas is the thing you need.

  1. How to bake the most delicious turkey for Thanksgiving Day
  2. How to organize a perfect date
  3. How to domesticate a wild animal
  4. How and where to plant a peach tree
  5. How to bathe a cat to avoid scratches
  6. How to give up smoking
  7. How to start dieting
  8. How to reduce daily calories without being hungry all the time
  9. How to have fun without spending a penny
  10. How to write a stellar college essay
  11. How to select natural dairy in the market
  12. How to create a perfect PPT presentation
  13. How to drive in unknown places
  14. How to cook dinner for a big family quickly

Expository Writing Topics for Good Essays

This essay type resembles the informative one. This task is more encyclopedia-like, so it is just a collection of dry facts but not plagiarized. Paraphrasing or independent research is your salvation.

  1. Who belongs to Generation Alpha?
  2. What event was the culmination of the II World War?
  3. What made Stephen Hawking an outstanding physicist?
  4. Characteristics that an ideal assistant should have
  5. For what features do bullies search when they select their victim?
  6. What is the difference between a lie and a joke?
  7. What conditions justify capital punishment
  8. The most and the least effective methods of cancer treatment
  9. Is it possible to stay healthy when being very poor?
  10. How does classical music influence the brain activity of learners?
  11. Is Mars ready for new inhabitants today?
  12. America as an invisible participant in dozens of wars
  13. What is the secret of successful names of brands that people remember the first time?

Creative Essay Topics to Consider

This assignment includes a story-telling based on the existing guidelines and structures. The plot must be striking, just like its presentation.

  1. The animals that are dangerous to keep at home
  2. Details of horror movies that make them realistic and terrifying for viewers
  3. A doctor that saved lives but remained unknown
  4. The movie that helped me understand the past
  5. The person who influenced my decision to enter this college
  6. The event that helped me believe in miracles
  7. If I were a pet
  8. The world without children
  9. Once a girl created a game that became popular worldwide
  10. If Romeo and Juliet lived in 2022
  11. Three meals a day I would like to have on holidays
  12. My first love or two people that were not meant to be together
  13. What if new dinosaurs were born again

Opinion Writing Topics for College Essays

It is the only task that does not need to be objective in 100% of cases. You just choose a topic and introduce your opinion.

  1. What would you like to change about your college?
  2. Can there be no winners in a sports competition?
  3. Too many homework assignments kill inspiration and affect mental health
  4. Should there be an option to refuse to study such subjects as Math or Literature for all students?
  5. Convince your parent to let you go to the party this night
  6. Will teenagers become better students if they study in one-gender classes without social inequality?
  7. Why do sportsmen get higher salaries than teachers?
  8. Is cheating a sin or a way to deserve the desire without excessive waste of time?
  9. Is it better to lie if the truth will hurt a person and ruin her family?
  10. Is it a good idea to teach kids to drive at 16?
  11. Convince your best friend to prefer rock music to pop music?
  12. Do long-term relationships hurt a love image for teens?
  13. What is the best age for extreme fun?

Good Research Essay Topics about Morals and Ethics

What is good and what is bad? It is all about ethics and morals.

  1. Should there be evening schools for the so-called ‘owls’ who feel active at night?
  2. Do doctors kill if they perform an abortion surgery?
  3. Should people have a doctor’s prescription to buy alcohol?
  4. Should students possess guns to protect themselves in dangerous regions?
  5. Is patriotism a cool thing or an act of craziness?
  6. Should serial killers be forgiven in heaven?
  7. Should marijuana be legalized for cancer sick patients?
  8. Is it possible to stop white-collar crimes?
  9. How to differentiate between dyslexia and mental retardation
  10. How do authors of scientific papers suffer when students use their works in their research?
  11. Why do some people copy screen violence?
  12. What will happen if all drugs become available without a prescription?
  13. How do people with split personalities remain unnoticed?

Reflective Topics to Write About for an Essay

This type of writing reflects a writer’s viewpoint through a story that taught a lesson and changed him/her.

  1. The place where I live
  2. The first book I read at college
  3. My friend is a part of my family
  4. What do you feel when having a sibling?
  5. The most severe punishment in my life
  6. The first thing you felt when someone has shared your secret
  7. The person who can always make me laugh
  8. The first time I realized that people are not perfect
  9. The reason for the biggest fear that I felt
  10. The only place I always try to avoid
  11. The moment when I was regarded as a hero
  12. The first mobile app that helped me master a subject
  13. The moment I managed to reach the top of the mountain
  14. “Apt Pupil” by Stephen King: a realistic novella that covered my body with goosebumps


It is hard to sharpen writing skills without easy essay topics. It is impossible to get the desired grade without a topic that impresses. Professional writers work in custom writing services to help students select a unique idea and introduce it in a writing assignment in the best way possible. That is why they work 24/7! So, if you still need professional assistance, don’t feel shy and ask for it any day or night time.

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