20+ Best Podcasts for Students


The best podcasts for students provides an invaluable resource for students of all ages. These podcasts are designed to help students understand complex topics, learn new skills, and stay motivated. From educational topics to inspiring conversations, these podcasts provide students with the tools they need to succeed in school. Popular topics include studying tips, time management, mental health, career advice, and more. Listeners can benefit from listening to the experts interviewed on these podcasts, as well as the stories of other students. Listening to the best podcasts for students can help increase productivity, reduce stress, and spark creativity.

Best Podcasts for College Students Interested in Language and Poetry

Best Podcasts for College Students Interested in Language and Poetry

#1 The Classic Poetry Aloud Podcast

This podcast is self-explanatory, and it is where students have some of the best poems read to them. The person who created the podcast believes that listening to poems creates a better emotional impact and makes college students understand them better. It is a fun way of digesting poems as it is very different from reading them in books.

#2 A Way With Words

This is a weekly language radio show that lasts an hour where the hosts Martha Bernette and Grant Barrett talk to callers about all things languages. Everything from dialects, slang, old and new words, expressions, old sayings, and more can all be learned on this show and is a favorite for many college students who are into poetry.

#3 The Two Book Minimum Podcast

Ranked among the top 10 podcasts for college students, The Two Book Minimum Podcast caters to book lovers. A panel of different people every week sit down and discuss books with a bit of comedy sprinkled on top. It is one of the funniest podcasts a student can listen to throughout the semester.

Motivational and Inspirational Podcasts for College Freshmen

Motivational and inspirational Podcasts for college freshmen

#4 The Personal Growth Podcast

Being a college freshman can be challenging and one might need a podcast that will help them get their motivational levels up. This is one of the best podcasts for new college students because it helps college freshmen achieve their goals, increases their creativity, improves all relationships around them, and more.

#5 The Smart People Podcast

This wonderful podcast has grown in popularity over the years because it focuses on personal growth and expanding one’s horizons. People from different professions all sit down and discuss real-life experiences. It’s inspirational, insightful, and intriguing for people who are interested in career and personal development.

#6 The Good Life Project

This is a community where people from all walks of life come together to give each other life tips. No matter who you are and where you come from, this is a great podcast that helps college freshmen understand that life has no barriers. The conversations that take place on this podcast are in-depth, genuine, and unscripted.

#7 The Daily Boost Podcast

Motivating people is what this podcast is all about and its approach is why people love it. The episodes are fresh and funny with the creators saying it makes listeners feel like they are tuning in to their favorite morning radio shows. The difference is topics on this podcast change people’s lives, not just college freshmen. Strategies to improve people’s daily lives are often discussed with greater detail and even at 9 minutes long per episode, it is worth it.

Christian Podcasts For College Students

Christian Podcasts For College Students

#8 For the Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Jen Hatmaker is a best-selling author who managed to set up a relatable and hilarious podcast for college students. Students with a Christian background enjoy this podcast because she talks about love and more. It is seen as one of the top podcasts for Christian college students ever since it was started.

#9 The BadChristian Podcast

Any student that is looking for a controversial podcast that discusses everything they will go through while in college, this is the one. No stone is left unturned as Joey, Toby, and Matt, also known as the three goons, discuss personal issues with special guests. While the podcast does fall under the Christian podcast umbrella, it does have some mature language, but it is a podcast many college students relate to.

#10 The “Are You Real?” Podcast

Any students that want to listen to tales of women and men who've taken different journeys to living out the calling of Jesus Christ should tune in to this lovely podcast. It features real people talking about their quests to find God. Students following a similar path will find plenty of encouragement when they listen to this podcast because it offers support as they undertake their journey to find God.

#11 The Young Life Podcast

The Young Life Podcast is one of the most popular around among college students living a Christian lifestyle on campus. It’s a very enlightening podcast that allows college students how Jesus is spearheading a revolutionary ministry for young people.

Free Podcasts for ESL Students Looking to Improve Their English

Free Podcasts for ESL Students Looking to Improve Their English

#12 Better @ English Podcast

Colleges often ask students to produce essays as part of their assessment and those with poor English often turn to essay writing services. With so many companies out there, you can’t go wrong getting help with a write my essay for me request from FastEssay’s service. They have expert writers in their ranks who have written essays on a variety of subjects for years. Dealing with experts like them can help one improve their English, but turning to educational podcasts like the Better @ English podcast is also a great way to improve.

This is one of the best listening podcasts for ESL students because it features everything from idioms, unscripted conversations, slang, formal vocabulary, and more. Students can read while they listen to the podcast, allowing them to improve both their reading and writing. Vocabulary notes and transcripts are available free by visiting their website.

#13 The Grammar Girl Podcast

Young boys and girls in college who struggle with grammar, punctuation, and style in university should turn to this helpful podcast. It helps students improve their English and the episodes are friendly, simple, short, and straightforward. It doesn't matter whether a student is a native, beginner, or intermediate level speaker of the English language, this is an incredible podcast for everyone no matter the level.

#14 Splendid Speaking

This is a podcast for students who want to improve their top-level speaking skills. The episodes feature people who are not native English speaking carrying out a series of tasks in pairs or individually. At the end of the recording, students get to hear feedback from experts on how the participants performed in terms of their speaking.

#15 The Effortless English Podcast

This podcast doesn’t only teach students strategies and tips on how to improve their English, it also teaches them about the American culture and language. Students learn terms they can use to successfully communicate in English across borders.

Free Educational Podcasts for Students Interested in Science

Free Educational Podcasts for Students Interested in Science

#16 RadioLab

For over 10 years, this podcast has been trending online because it is extremely popular and seen as one of the top educational podcasts for college students. Those who love technology and science love this podcast because it is very diverse. It is downloaded millions of times every month and grows from strength to strength every year because it keeps students invested in the world of technology and science. The sound quality is amazing and features interviews from leading figures in the industry.

#17 Science Friday

This is a call-in show every Friday that is distributed by WNYC Studios. The main focus of this podcast is the different aspects of the world of science. Students with a deep understanding of the world will feel right at home and not out of place as they will listen to like-minded people.

Aside from covering topics revolving around the world of science, there are activities students can take part in as well as educational stories. Influencers and special guests do make appearances on this podcast too and plenty of the eLearning apps out there highly recommend this podcast to students.

#18 StarTalk

Hosted by the one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson, this podcast talks about everything science, space, and pop culture. One-on-one interviews are conducted with a panel who will discuss science-related topics and with a wealth of experience, Neil is one of the best around. He is very knowledgeable and shares his insight with listeners every week. Guests on his podcast include professionals, comedians, celebrities and more which helps keeps things fresh and entertaining for the audience.

Best Podcasts for Medical Students

Best Podcasts for Medical Students

#19 2Docs Talks

Looking for a dose of the latest news happening in the health industry, this podcast should not be missed. The 15-minute podcast is hosted by Kendall Britt and Amy Rodgers who are both experts in the healthcare industry. Students are updated on medical events, new industry policies and these two hosts have very strong opinions on matters in the US healthcare system.

#20 The Royal College of Physicians Medicine Podcast

Those who are in med school or those curious about the health care sector are often referred to this podcast hosted by Dr. Amie Burbridge. Topics that are discussed are often based on the college exams, making it one of the go-to podcasts for nursing students. College students from other cities are massive fans of this podcast too.

#21 The Healthcare Policy Podcast

Dr. David Introcaso Ph.D. is the host of this podcast, and it touches on policies in the healthcare industry. He has over 25 years of experience as a policy consultant and is one of the best people to listen to when it comes to discussing health care, misdiagnosis, medical ethics, and more.

#22 This Podcast Will Kill You

This podcast is hosted by grad students and this is a different twist to most of the podcasts on this list as most of them are hosted by experts. Students that host this show talk about the wonderful and weird world of medicine in gruesome details. Anyone who is a fan of this form of discussion will find their approach fascinating.

#23 The Short Coat Podcast

Whether one is in their first year or has been studying for years, this podcast is designed to guide students through their journey into the unknown. The host, Dave Etler focuses on educating students on the social aspects of people who have a career in medicine.

Best Podcasts for High School Students

Best Podcasts for High School Students

#24 NPR: Youth Radio

One of the top podcasts for high school students is the NPR: Youth Radio podcast which was founded way back in 1933. It was a platform for youths in the Bay Area to express what they were going through back then at a time when violence was very high. Now it is run by bureaus across America and allows students to share their experiences on juvenile justice, health, education, journalism, and more.

#25 TED Talks

Another great audio podcast for students in high school is called TED Talks. The main goal of the podcast is to inspire the imagination of students through having talks with influencers and thinkers. With so many topics being discussed regularly, there is no shortage of entertainment when students tune in to this podcast.

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