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The Babson Survey Research Group discovered in 2016 that every fourth university student chose to cover an online course while fewer and fewer higher educational representatives believe in the benefits of eLearning. These trends are quite ambivalent, and it’s hard to predict the future of online studying. But what we can say for sure is that while you have the opportunity to enrich your knowledge without leaving your home and paying fortunes, you should definitely use it.

If your college provides you with special academic writing courses before overwhelming you with various assignments, you can consider yourself lucky. If it doesn’t, you will have a hard time getting accustomed to the college standards that are way different from your high school level. But, of course, there is a way out of the situation – enroll in a free online course on academic writing and improve your skills! This is a perfect variant for you because the lessons are very flexible (you study whenever you want) and you don’t have to pay a dime for them. Given these benefits, we’ve prepared a list of some interesting examples that you can choose among to boost your academic writing skills.

Free Online Courses

A Beginner's Guide to Writing in English for University Study

This course is aimed to enhance your grammar, knowledge of the essay structure and academic writing itself. It also promises to teach you how you can analyze and review your drafts to eliminate the majority of mistakes. It’s perfect for international students who have come to an English-speaking country to obtain an education. However, native students can gain some useful info on the subject as well.

Academic Literacy

This is an important introductory course that will give you necessary fundamental skills for further academic development. It will train you how to critically read the literature, enrich the vocabulary relevant to research papers and tell you what academic grammar is. What is more, in the end, you will dig into text coherence and cohesion, informativity, intertextuality, etc.

Academic and Business Writing

Here you get the same basics of academic writing but also learn about it in comparison with other types of writing. So, instead of stuffing yourself with dry theory out of context, you will understand the main concepts of research better when it is placed with business writing. Besides, you will find out more not only about essays, term papers and dissertations but about written communication in the business sphere. Isn’t that amazing?

How to Write an Essay

Given the fact that an essay is the most widespread paper type in academic writing, we recommend you covering this course separately to become more proficient in it. It focuses on developing a correct essay structure, applying the right grammar and proofreading your own works. You will be able to get to know how to construct topic sentences, paragraphs and other parts of the essay.

Short Khan Academy Practical Courses

We haven’t singled out separate courses here because there are too many compact lessons that you might want to cover depending on your level of skills. Here you can spot the analysis of real essays by the admissions, single-point classes on how to create an argument or develop evidence. You may also find video courses that explain complex issues illustrating them with easy examples. Browse the wide range of Khan Academy courses, and you will certainly come across your perfect match.

Online Courses

Use these free online courses to boost your knowledge and skills. Additional efforts to improve academic writing will never hurt. So, start enrolling in one of the classes we’ve mentioned right now!

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