What Could Make My Essay Catchy and Awesome?

The essay writing process can be equally the creative and pleasant process as well as a terrible torture for most students. Sometimes, it is really easy to come up with a good idea and organize the text in an appropriate way. However, there are some cases when you spend days or even weeks while considering the most suitable approach to achieve success in writing.

Make My Essay Catchy

Very often a student can’t figure out a way to make their academic paper catchy. The word “catchy” is a defining term that is responsible for driving the attention of the readers to a text. If students find it hard to develop the content at such a level, most of them simply turn to a professional at a custom paper writing agency with a “Do my paper for me fast!” request.

They want to purchase a sample paper to see how an awesome text should look like. Basically, it is a good idea. But it is not always necessary to spend money on such a thing as everyone is able to find a key while knowing the following tricks to create well-written texts of the top quality. So, let’s get down to our writing business together. Find it useful to know how to write an essay title from the video below.

Start with a Hook – A Good Beginning Is Half the Battle

Regardless of the type of a written assignment, you have to overcome, you can fail from the very beginning. How? Many students tend to give the general information instead of sticking to the point. Consequently, a poor start can spoil even a perfect thesis, dissertation or term paper.

Make My Essay

The introduction of any writing must contain hooks to grab the reader’s attention as well as be short but informative. While working on the hooking phrases, you might utilize the following methods:

 ✅ Pose a question to the audience. The communication with the audience is always estimated at a top level. It basically means that the opinion of readers is important to you. Of course, you will not hear the answers, but you will definitely experience positive vibes from the valued readers.

 ✅ Start with the quotation or proverb. The wisdom tested for decades and even centuries is always a good start. In case of a quotation, you rely upon the words and thoughts of a person who is in some aspect related to the situation described in the essay. The utterer quotation you use, the more chances to draw your readers’ attention to your thoughts.

 ✅ Use a provocative uttering. The feeling of stress is also a good hook. The provocation is like a red piece of cloth in front of the bull. The readers can like it or not, but they will not stay indifferent and that is the most important thing among all. However, mind not hurting the feelings of some separate categories of people. The provocation should be wise but not painful.

 ✅ Tell a joke or a funny story. The joke can develop a positive mood that will encourage the further reading of the text with a smile. Consider utilizing a joke that is relevant to the topic. If it is possible, you can add your personal funny story so that you become closer to the readers or vice versa.

Pick one of the following options that will be more appropriate for your style of writing as there is no need to use several methods – just one and the most suitable one.

Go on with the Extensive Research

include in my essay

The research is the second step in making an ultimate essay. There are some parameters which should be followed to organize a text of a greater quality and that will be easy to understand. Yes, that definitely requires some extra work, but the result is worth – a catchy essay paper is in your hand.

 ✏ Fresh ideas. The use of old information is one the most frequent mistakes that are made by students. With an availability of the Internet, it is always better to search for the most updated researches that may become helpful for your writing. Another vote in favor of the newest material is that the old one might have been proven wrong with a more recent one but you don’t know about it.

 ✍ Visuals. There are some situations when the factual material presented in a plain text shape is really hard for apprehension. According to the statistics, 90% of the information is transmitted to our brain through visualization. Have you known that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than a text? Don’t be afraid of using the visual data (charts, diagrams, and even pictures) to make your thoughts easier for readers to understand.

 ☑ True facts. Do not use in your written assignment the material that you do not back up with concrete and reliable facts. The lack of expertise in the research field is visible at first view, especially for the person who knows what you are writing about. It can lead to the embarrassment and somewhat of an awkward situation where you show yourself with some incompetence. Avoid such situations.

With a well-organized informative content, your academic paper will receive the value, and that will raise the attention among the readers and bring them to your camp.

Adopt the Writing Style Needed

The words and the way you use them are crucial to create the eye-catching texts of your essays. We can endlessly speculate regarding the peculiarities of formatting, word selection, but the writing style established in an assignment is that what makes your essay worthy of attention.

Essay Writing Styles

  1. Understand what you need to write. While working on an essay, focus on the type of writing styles you’re required to follow – expository, descriptive, persuasive, or narrative. Whether you need to interpret the information or persuade the readers, clarify this aim before you start writing. The lack of an appropriate way of approaching the audience on paper can spoil a general impression to a greater extent.
  2. Communicate with the readers. Essay writing is meant to be a dialogue between you and your readers. Consider if you are able to understand what you are writing about, in this case, it is more likely that your audience will understand you as well. Get across the material that is logical and not confusing. Check the text so that it couldn’t be interpreted in the way you suppose initially
  3. Select appropriate words. The wording of your thoughts/ideas is the greatest strength that can play to you. Choose the words wisely for the ultimate result. Consider the words and phrases that are the most applicable to the genre of essay you’re writing. Stick to the academic language – precise, concise, and formal.
  4. Develop the proper structure. The structure of the text is another most frequent issue among most students. It can be really hard to organize thoughts in order and structurize them on paper. Consider working on an outline at the very beginning of the writing process. When you have all your ideas placed in the way they are supposed to be, you can proceed to the actual writing of the academic text.

It will be really hard to encompass all the possible factors that impact the quality of the text. But we’ve tried. As you have understood – your task is to focus not only on the content but also on the presentation of information. That’s why make sure that your paper is properly formatted as well as does not have any mistakes. To gain enough writing experience and skills, you have to write and practice more and more. The above-mentioned information will serve as an excellent starting point to increase ‘charisma’ of your texts and improve its perception by people who will read them.

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