How to Rest During Holidays: A Guide for College Students


9 New Year Ways to Find Zen during Your Study-less Holidays

Have you ever studied all the time without any break? If yes, you know how hard it can be. People who work all the time and disregard the weekends often have problems with their health and the quality of their life leaves much to be desired. That’s why every student or employee needs to have a rest and forget about daily chores. We are going to introduce you some ways of relaxation to good use.

1. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

During Christmas and New Year party you can gain extra kilograms and sports can help you to lose it quickly. Exercise is good to keep yourself in shape as well as for productive mental activity.  After exercising the brain receives more oxygen and begins to work more efficiently. Especially, it has a great influence on your productivity when you are a student and should memorize the huge values of information. Also, it causes endorphins emission and makes you feel better.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
Of course, a systematic training works best but, if you don’t have a time, 15-30 minutes workout also will be better than nothing. You can choose any type of exercise you want – yoga, gym or bicycle riding.

2.  Take a Nap

It is important to normalize your sleep schedule during the holidays because before them you used to have not many sleep hours. Some people prefer to go to bed late at night and there’s an explanation – they don’t need to wake up early and hurry. But, lack of sleep causes the oppression of all kinds of neurological functions. Students who like to stay awake at night usually have worse marks. The probability of a bad mood, loss of strength and zest for life is 24% higher for this kind of people than those who go to bed before midnight.Take a Nap

3. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Even though you need to sleep more, there is always a time for some party with your best friends on the holiday. And if not now, when? The student like you spends most of the time learning and trying to develop the skills in the chosen area of study. Communication with another people or a little party will distract from the stack of books and help to relax.

A Little Party

4. Read or Watch Something Interesting

Lay aside all your university textbooks or tutorials and dedicate your week to reading books or watching movies. It can be useful and entertaining at the same time because there are plenty of documentary films or teachable books. If you just want to relax, use this opportunity and visit the cinema with friends or read a breathtaking book which will carry you to another world.

5. Allocate Some Time for Planning

Creating the next term’s schedule on holidays in order to be productive is a highly reasonable idea. Determine your goals and think up the ways how you are going to achieve them. It is not necessary to plan your life on minutes but it is desirable to make the short roadmap for your future endeavors.

6. Cook Together with Your Family

Cooking with the whole family is an incredible fun. Bake some Christmas cookies or a pie. Surf the net and find recipes of the honey-cakes, desserts and patties. It is also common enough to decorate the Christmas cakes with candy sprinkles, coconut, chocolate drops, colored pills which turn baking to a truly creative process.

7. Volunteer or Travel

To go abroad as a volunteer is a sure way to make your vacation unforgettable: you will explore new places, learn about another culture and benefit the society. You can save the turtles in Mexico, teach Tanzanian children English, help to grow coffee in Ethiopia or care about the sloths in Costa Rica. The entire world is open to you and there only one thing left to do – to choose the destination. If you prefer to be on your own without deepening into the foreign culture and getting acquainted with the people you’re surrounded by, you can choose simple touring or a trip to the ski resort.

8. Get Yourself Cleaned Up

It is time to get a new haircut, visit the spa or take the massage course. All those refreshing procedures help loosen the body and soul before the upcoming semester. Also, it is a great idea to buy some new clothes during the New Year’s discounts and save some money for the other things.

9. Time Rolls His Ceaseless Course

Always remember that nature of the time never changes. The holidays are always over before you know it, so do not waste time on useless things such as social networks or stupid videos. All the students fall into this trap from time to time and even don’t realize where the time is and why they can’t keep up with the amount of the work even if it is not so huge. Quick breaks are good for your brain, but track the time and get back to studying.

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