Learn How to Write Faster and More Effectively

As a student with plenty of writing projects and assignments to tackle, you understand better than anyone else that writing fast and effectively in English is a useful skill. Due to fast writing, you’re likely to meet deadlines, handle projects and have enough time left over to do other interesting things.

This article is designed for students who need to increase their writing speed, write more effectively and go on getting high grades for their papers.

#1 Start Concentrating and Increase Your Speed of Writing

The importance of focusing your attention on a task can't be overestimated. According to the article “How Concentration Shields Against Distraction” by Patrik Sörqvist and John E. Marsh, the extent of distractions depends on the level of concentration. So, do these:

  • Increase your concentration by working on your desk or in a place with minimal distraction, for example, a library.
  • Put away mobile phones, social media, music, radio and television. Your mind functions faster if it has less things to focus on.

#2 Organise Your Work According to the Time Frame

The organization is another great way to write faster and more effectively. Writing with a plan is faster and more effective than writing aimlessly with no particular goal in mind. Do these:

  • Start by creating a feasible schedule and timetable. It helps you measure your progress, measure amount of time spent on performing a task  and increase writing speed when necessary.
  • Divide your writing process into smaller steps and attach a time frame to each of the step. For example, a schedule on writing a two page essay in about 4 hours may look like this:
Pre Writing Process Writing Process Post Writing Process
Brainstorming – 30 min Title – 10 min Rewriting/Editing – 20 min
Outlining – 30 min Introduction – 20 min Proofreading – 20 min
Research – 1 hour Body of essay – 30 min Formatting – 20 min
Conclusion – 20 min

#3 Stick to an Outline of a Paper

It is an effective way to sketch an outline for a essay you’re going to work on. It allows to express all your thoughts in a clear and logical way. Have a close look at outline samples provided by John B. Cade Library.

#4 Research Your Topic Thoroughly

A deep research helps you write effectively by providing you with necessary information to use in your essays. The point is the more information you have, the faster you write. The less information you have, the more time you spend thinking about what to write. The bulk of writing an essay lies in research. The bulk of an essay is the body of the essay.

An extensive research saves a lot of time in the writing process. Take the following steps:

  • Conduct an interview with your teacher or lecturer. It is a good way to start as your teacher gives you the necessary tips, resources and direction in writing your paper.
  • Browse thoroughly on the Internet. Today the Internet has made research relatively easy, there are lots of journals and articles available online.  
  • Take notes of references from where you gather research materials. The citations and bibliography will be easily arranged in the end of your work.
  • Visit libraries either university or national if you feel the necessity in it.

Learn How to Write Faster and More Effectively

#5 Learn to Write or Type Fast

Writing speed is crucial while dealing with writing. You need to develop the skill of fast typing or writing by hand. Like every other skill, you have to practice and practice till you become good at writing with high speed. Do these:

  • Keep a speed writing journal in which you need to write by hand as fast as you can without stopping. You pick an idea to focus on and write without pausing to think. This form of writing not only helps you improve speed, it also helps you find your natural writing voice, overcome writer's block and also think faster.
  • Focus on the thought flow and allow it to take you where it wants to go.
  • Apart from keeping a speed writing journal, you can set a timer and train yourself to write faster. For example, set a timer to write 500 words in thirty minutes. When you successfully meet the target, train yourself to write 500 words in a shorter time.
  • You should know that writing too fast can decrease its legibility. So, care about a beautiful handwriting preserving its legibility.
  • Use various online softwares for free if you need to improve the typing speed. For example, TypingMaster or others from the list of the Best Typing Software of 2018.

#6 Work in a Group for the Fastest Effect in Writing

Working in group on a study or an assignment is also a great way to learn to write faster and save time. According to the article by “Group work: Using cooperative learning groups effectively” by Cynthia J. Brame, CFT Assistant Director and Rachel Biel, CFT undergraduate intern, group work improves accountability and concentration. So, your task is to:

  • Form groups with like-minded fellows. This means you will want to partner with colleagues who are also interested in writing faster and more effectively, finishing projects ahead of deadlines and obtaining A+ marks in their papers;
  • Create a schedule for group meetings and stick to it;
  • Set a timer during study/writing sessions to improve and increase writing speed;
  • Set up meetings in open spaces with a relaxed atmosphere. For example, group meetings in a library may not be ideal because of noise and movement restriction.
  • Always remember to encourage and cheer one another, especially after meeting a goal or beating a deadline.

Writing faster and more effectively is possible, if you know how to go about it the right way. Our writers are ready to confirm it as their writing speed is always over-the-top. You can make sure in it after you receive a sample paper in our writing agency so quickly that you couldn’t imagine it was possible to do.

Remember that these techniques and exercises listed should be practiced often if you want to become good at writing. Eventually, practice makes perfect!

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