How to Write a Last-Minute Essay Without any Delay and Extension


Is the last minute left till the submission of an essay? This may sound familiar to most students. They lack sleep for days because the deadlines are approaching. You may say, “Everything is alright. I’m a student after all”. Wait! No, it's not normal to have red eyes! If you're a student, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a life full of beans. Agree? Keep in mind that when students sleep less than it is recommended, they get less active during the day. A student needs enough sleep to meet up the demanding cognitive tasks and other academic requirements. The rule to sleep at least 7-8 hours is justified on grounds of 9 surprising reasons you can get familiar right now.

How to Write a Last-Minute Essay Without any Delay and Extension

In most cases, it turns out that a high-quality sleep is cut short by the need to stay up late at night. This time may be completely devoted to writing an essay before the deadline passes. Read further to learn how to write a good last-minute essay without sacrificing your free time.

What Makes Students Hurry with Essay Writing?

If you are used to working late at night, you should know how much it will cost you – errors, anxiety, tiredness, stress, depression, etc. All that have a direct influence on your academic performance and mental health. In what way? Read more about hurry sickness existing today. Most students complain of feelings of sickness because of different reasons (from justifiable to not really explicable ones):

  • Work. Some students work while studying at college or universities. Even if you are studying at high school, you may work as well. There are 25 jobs available for high school students. Most jobs are so demanding that much time and energy are required from students. Much more efforts are necessary to combine work and studies. Indeed, students have to work to cater to their needs at school. However, to meet the deadline, students stay up late at night to write an essay, research paper or complete any other project. Such an academic routine is very tedious and deprives a student of a quality sleep needed at the school and workplace.
  • Procrastination. Some students wait until the last minute to start writing college essays without working somewhere or being engaged in some extracurricular activities. They don’t simply want to do a particular task considering it as irrelevant or unimportant to them. Besides, a student may procrastinate because of the deadline pressure that he/she may face in numerous assignments. The lack of incentive to start an essay early, the lack of clear assignment instructions as well as the writing skills shortage lead to the unwillingness to do anything. Have the habit to procrastinate too? Remember, your academic progress will go down.
  • The absence of resources. When a student is unable to find the relevant resources to write an essay on, they are likelier to prolong writing it. The unavailability of resources can put off the interest in writing an essay. The inability to find a resource could be linked to the lack of understanding of an essay topic by a student. This makes a student procrastinate with writing an essay until the last minute. But still, every essay given by your instructor must be written if you want to make academic progress.
  • The low cognitive abilities and skills. Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills that determine how we learn, remember, solve problems, and pay attention. So if you are always in a hurry, check if your cognitive functions serve you well. Keep in mind all the skills can be boosted if you take enough efforts to the regular development and practice.

3 Effects of Hurrying and Sleeping Less at Night

All these points probably make you rush into last-minute essay writing now. As a rule, the quick writing process isn’t always effective for your academic performance. Remember what consequences are possible when you are in a hurry and sleep less than it is needed?

 ✅ The increase in stress level. During the day, the activities undertaken by a student all lead to the buildup of the stress levels. Cortisol, the hormone stress, increases during the day and declines during the night especially when adequate sleep is given to the body according to the research. Sleep deprivation can lead to the continual buildup of the stress level, which eventually leads to cardiovascular diseases, the decline in the cognitive function, tiredness, and other side effects. On the long run, this may affect the overall academic performance of every student who does something more quickly than usual. It happens, for example, because you are late or you must finish something soon.
 ✅ Underachievement. Want to show the fullest potential but fail every time? It may occur just because you do not have much time and need to hurry, for example, to write an essay in the last minute. As the result, you may make more mistakes than you would do if an effective time management schedule were at hand. Incorporating some advances in technology into your everyday curriculum is one possible way of increasing the level of motivation to learn and achieve greater results.

 ✅ Poor health. While sleeping, the immune system produces infection-fighting substances. This supports the activities of the immune system to keep the activities of foreign substances at bay. Sleep deprivation hinders your body from producing these infection-fighting diseases. This increases the student’s risk of being exposed to chronic diseases that will prevent them from writing their essay and achieving academic excellence.

What Is the Effective Last Minute Essay Writing? – Follow Our 7 Tips!

Starting to write an essay early will leave you more time to sleep at night or take part in interesting events in your college. However, if you often experience the situation when an essay must be written at the last minute, follow some last-minute essay tips to successfully complete it on time:

 ❶ ‘Switch Off’ All Possible Distractions

While writing an essay, any distraction is likely to set in – Facebook notifications, likes on Instagram, calls from the best friends, and so on. To write a last-minute essay demands much more focus than if you wrote it during the whole week. Getting distracted while writing an essay can result in a poorly-written essay with many mistakes in spelling, grammar, etc. The rules of grammar in English aren’t the easiest to follow. For that reason, you can read the article on The Guardian – 10 Grammar Rules You Can Forget: How to Stop Worrying and Write Proper.

Want to write without getting your attention drifted away, turn off the TV, the smartphone as well as block all the social networking sites. Then, start writing as your chances to write a captivating, high-quality and A-worthy essay are higher than ever before.

 ❷ Read the Assignment Carefully

When an educator assigns you with a particular essay, read the assignment thoroughly. You will not do well if you write something that is different from what you are asked to do. For example, if the assignment sounds as “analyze” and you provide a “summary”, this will not bode well for you. A student gets good marks if they follow all the instructions given to them. Therefore, you should adhere to the essay instructions and work accordingly. Given a task to write a 1500-word essay. Stick to this requirement – write not less than 1300 words and no more than 1700!

3 finishing Touches to Essay Writing

 ❸ Set a Fixed Time to Write an Essay as Required

After you know what scope of work you need to deal with, you should budget time effectively for your progress. Remember, you don’t have a good deal of time – just several hours to write an essay successfully. First of all, set a fixed amount of time to pre-write, write, and post-write the essay. This step-by-step way of writing an essay within specific timeframes enables you to avoid procrastinating any important essay writing stage. For example, you are determined to write an essay on Monday. Allocate enough time for it. Think 2 hours is enough to brainstorm the main ideas for an essay, structure and edit it? Find an additional hour to do everything in your essay as required. Don’t forget about 3 finishing touches:

 ❹ Research All Sources of Information Thoroughly

No essay writing can be done at a satisfactory level without doing proper research. It arms you with the necessary information to write a well-researched essay. Before you start writing an essay, you should understand the topic and its peculiarities. How to do it? Just look through all the resources available to you to gather the required information about a particular issue. It is better to construct your ideas using only reliable sources such as scholarly journal articles, credible research websites, and others. Where to find them better? 100 search engines for academic research are at your service. You can quicken the search process by pointing out the keywords of your topic. Be sure that you’ll be provided with what you are looking for.

 ❺ Outline an Essay in Advance

A well-developed outline of your essay will guide you through the writing process faster than if you rushed into essay writing immediately. The writing process is simplified by structuring the essay into sections which can be expanded gradually. An essay should be structured in a way where there are the introduction, body, and conclusion. In its turn, the body is divided into 3 main parts containing some supporting evidence. Without an outline, you may end up writing a disorganized essay. An outlined essay allows you to detect areas that require working on. You will be able to add more detail to each part. An outline also gives you clarity on what to write about. This saves your time and energy to brainstorm ideas of what to put on paper.

 ❻ Don’t Neglect Drafts

When an outline of your essay is prepared, it means that you can develop all ideas to the fullest extent. Don’t overestimate your ability to write an essay promptly upon receiving a topic. Even an experienced writer works on as many drafts as possible before saying, “I’ve finished writing my book!” You’re recommended to deal with at least a draft where you could remove or add some points. It can be refined and better presented in a final copy. It isn’t of little value to get all the essay ideas out of your head and down on paper as it should be done. If you hesitate to draft your essay, read a guide on what a rough draft is, why it is important, and how to compose it successfully.

 ❼ Proofread and Edit Your Essay Accordingly

While writing an essay, there is a tendency among students to make different mistakes – from spelling to formatting. The errors will earn you low scores. Want this turn of events? Revise the essay to detect some grammar, spelling errors, and typos. Look at 20 worst typos, grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Ensure that the structure of your essay follows the academic standards. It is better to take enough time to write an essay than submit a poorly-written piece. Take care to see that there are no plagiarized words. Plagiarized content isn’t appropriate in the academic field. Edit all the borrowed information according to the formatting style – be it APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago. Don’t ruin your reputation!

7 Last Minute Essay Writing Tips

After reading this guide, moreover, after following all the last-minute essay writing steps, you are close to great results. Stop worrying that too little time is left to write an essay! Even if you aren’t able to follow all these tips, there is one more way to finish all your essays on time – a custom essay writing service like ours. All that is required from you is to place an order, specify the paper requirements, and you will get a well-written essay in no time. The essay will be 100% tailored to your instruction, and you will have time to sleep.

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