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20% of all people are chronic procrastinators. Those people do everything at the last minute, even when it comes to a party or their own birthday – they make the arrangements a day before or even on the same date. If you often notice that you postpone every work you need to do, maybe you are already familiar with a mess before exams or the time of a paper delivery.

We all know that it is better to do this in advance. But if you still end up in a tough situation, these methods will help you buy essays before the due date.

Get Essays Online as Fast

1. Ask Your Professor

Such papers as a dissertation or a thesis usually are stored in the university archives or in the professor’s collection of the best students’ works. You can ask him or her whether they have a ready sample on the chosen topic. It can be used as a great example on which you can rely during your own writing process.

2. Get an Essay from Friends

Perhaps, you have friends who are slightly older than you and have completed the same assignment a year or two before. Ask them to share essays with you and use them as useful guides for your academic study. Maybe it is the cheapest and the easiest way to find a quality term or research paper without money and any additional efforts.

3. Search for English Samples on the Web

There are many online databases which have some custom pre-written examples for sale. These websites offer you to buy a ready paper or to download it for free. This method is good when you don’t have time to search for the better solution. Such documents are usually cheap, so they require proofreading and editing. Otherwise, you face a risk to write a paper that has lots of mistakes.

4. Put a “Do My Assignment for Me” Order

Purchasing an essay from a reliable writing service is the best choice for those who want to avoid all the problems and get a paper quickly. Samples from the university archives, friends or the Internet are written by the same students as you, but agencies employ top writers all over the world that have already obtained a degree and professional experience in particular areas.

The main disadvantage of buying an essay from a writing service is the price. Fees increase due to the urgency, so the highest rate per sheet isn't affordable for everyone. However, there is also an opportunity to hire an editor who will make changes in your paper. This option is much cheaper than

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