4 Ways to Earn Extra Money in Summer 2017

An average summer day, 5.00 p.m. You are leaving the workplace and counting dollars in a roll because you have just received the first salary. Being proud of yourself, you feel the taste of the future freedom and independence. Obviously, it is the best thing what a part-time job can give a student.

There are many kinds of vacancies available for young people, but we recommend you to consider the following ones:

1. Freelance Writer

80% of students work part-time. A freelance job opportunity offers you not only 4-5 working hours per day but also a flexible schedule. The distribution of your time is up to you: complete tasks in the morning or at midnight, at home or in the café.

Freelance Writer

Job Description: Get a writing assignment and create a paper adhering to the requirements of a customer. Besides articles, you may also compose academic works such as essays, coursework or research papers. The piece of text should be informative and useful for the potential reader.

General Requirements:

  • Excellent writing skills (perfect knowledge of grammar, stylistic and structure rules);
  • Fluency in English or another language you are going to use;
  • Creativity;
  • Expertise in PC and Microsoft Office;
  • Basic knowledge of search engine optimization and marketing for copywriters;
  • Good awareness of formatting rules for academic authors.

Working Hours: Fully depend on your decision. The schedule is flexible; you can work anytime you want.

Possible Income: Is also variable and is a result of the work being done. If you dedicate 8 hours to the job each day, you can earn up to $2500 per month.

Why Apply for It?

After completing a bunch of orders, you will understand a genuine power of words and transform your pen into a powerful weapon of conviction. It is a useful thing for both university education and the future career whatever it may be.

2. Waiter

Most of college and university students who haven’t got special abilities work as waiters in bars or restaurants. The job is quite lucrative: you receive both a wage rate and tips from customers.


Job Description: Waiter is a person who takes visitors’ orders, transmits them to the kitchen and carries ready dishes after they’re done back to the table. She or he should be aware of the menu titles and be prepared to help a customer in making a choice.

General Requirements:

  • Strong communication skills;
  • Good memory;
  • Ability to complete multiple tasks at the same time;
  • Physical stamina;
  • Well maintained appearance;
  • Punctuality;
  • Experience in customer service will be preferred.

Working Hours may be very different due to the terms and conditions of the particular establishment. You can work on a part-time basis (4-6 hours) or full time (8-12 hours). But, as practice shows, waiters often busy for more. Common shift schedules: 2/2, 3/3, 5/2.  

Possible Income: $5 per hour so if you work full-time, you get $40 per day and tips, of course. It is about $800 per month with a 5/2 schedule. Don't we forget about tips? With tips, your salary grows two- or threefold.

Why Apply for It?

Strict discipline, high intensity of work and constant physical activity build your character. You will improve communication skills, get to know how to act in awkward situations and learn more about the customer service which opens the door to more prestigious establishments.

3. Babysitter

If you get on well with little children and they don't seem irritating to you, try working as a babysitter or a nanny. Moreover, you can apply for this position abroad, where it is popular to hire young foreigners providing them with some accommodation and food, but without any remuneration.


Job Description: You should look after a child (or two) while their parents are absent. During the shift, a babysitter is feeding the baby, playing games, and keeping an eye on his or her activity. The candidate should be reliable enough to take responsibility for someone's life.

General Requirements:

  • Punctuality;
  • Love of children;
  • Cleaning and cooking skills;
  • Good knowledge of elementary school program;
  • Well maintained appearance;
  • Decency;
  • Proficiency in foreign languages is preferred;
  • Teacher education is preferred.

Working Hours: They depend on a family you are going to work for. In most cases, it is a part-time or weekend job.

Possible Income: Average salary per hour is $10. If you work 5 hours every day, you can get $1000 per month. Sometimes, babysitters receive tips, but in the majority of countries, it is more the exception than the rule.

Why Apply for It?

It is a great opportunity to dive into the childhood again and prepare yourself for your future family life at the same time. You will learn how to understand the child’s demands and become more patient. Also, children sleep a lot so you can dedicate these hours to reading or other meaningful activities.

4. Private Tutor

Students who are clever at a particular subject in the university may give private lessons to those who can’t catch up with the educational process.

Private Tutor

Job Description: Whether it is math, literature or biology, you should have perfect knowledge of it and be able to explain the subject to your student. A typical lesson lasts 1-2 hours.

General Requirements:

  • Proficiency in a chosen subject;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Time-management skills;
  • Punctuality;
  • Knowledge of specific educational methods is preferred.

Working Hours: 1-2 hours per one lesson, you can organize up to 3 classes per day.

Possible Income: Novice tutors earn about $15 per hour, experienced – up to $50 and even more.

Why Apply for It?

You will master your skills necessary for university and learn how to teach others. In the future, you may continue to be a teacher, coach or a mentor.

These are only 4 basic opportunities on a job market which might be considered by a student. If you would like to apply for something more extraordinary, search for other vacancies using different job portals on the Internet.

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